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Download & install Codeigniter

Download & install Codeigniter

How to Download and install Codeigniter Framework step by step ?
 The Codeigniter Framework software is available on its official site, below is the link to download the software with all version released till now. downloading and installing is quite easy.

Following are the simple steps to download and Install codeigniter software :

Step 1 :  Open the following URL in your browser
The image below shows the download link to the latest version of the framework. Here below is shown to download Codeigniter 3.  

Step 2 : Clicking the above download link the framework as a zipped folder. Unzip the contents of

Step 3 : Firstly you must be installed xampp in your PC. before proceeding further.

Step 4 : Copy the unzipped folder,  and paste into the htdocs folder and see the following files inside CodeIgniter-3.1.10. following files must be shown.

Step 5 : Rename folder name CodeIgniter-3.1.10 to your project name . like for example onlinestore

Step 6 : Run the url : http://localhost/onlinestore/

Step 7 :  Its a successful download, This how Codeigniter is installed


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