What is codeigniter ?

What is codeigniter ?
  1. CodeIgniter is a PHP framework for developing applications rapidly
  2. The entire source code for CodeIgniter is close to 2MB. This makes it easy to master CodeIgniter and how it works
  3. The built-in features of CodeIgniter are designed to work independently without relying too much on other components
  4. The framework uses the Model-View-Controller architectural design
  5. The framework is well documented, and they are good books, tutorials and answered forum questions on CodeIgniter
  6. CodeIgniter comes with some libraries, and helpers users out of the box
  7. CodeIgniter is easy to master for anyone who is already familiar with PHP
  8. In CodeIgniter user requests a resource, the controller responds first. The controller understands the user request then request the necessary data if it is important
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