Import / Export database

Import / Export database

what is Import export database ?

When you have created a project in codeigniter, now you want to make a backup of database or you want to share a database of your project to your colleague. so phpmyadmin have option to import export database file with all its table structure and data in it.


Import database :

When you have database file of your project having extension with .sql file  then you can create a new database write your database name, after that click on import select your database file which you need to insert into in your database and click on GO button
All database table structure and data will be get inserted into your new database

Export Database

When you have to export database file of your codeigniter project then you have to choose option of export in phpmyadmin
1. First you have to click on database you want to export
2. Then click on export option to export
3. click on option  => Custom - display all possible options. This will give option to send only structure or data or both
4. Then click on GO button to export finally the database file in extension with .sql.

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