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CodeIgniter Files Structure


Codeigniter File Structure is mainly consist of 3 main Folders

  1. Application
  2. System 
  3. Userguide
  • Application is Main in this file structure. MVC pattern is followed in this section. Developing of project is done in this folder.As we stated above, this directory contains the application code. In this section, we will look at the internal subdirectories 

It consist following folder files

  1. Cache - stores cached files

  2. Config - keeps configuration files

  3. Controllers – all application controllers are defined in this controller

  4. Core– contains custom core classes that extend system files. For example, if you create a base controller that other controllers should extend, then you would place it in this directory

  5. Helpers - this directory is used for user-defined helper functions

  6. Hooks – used for custom hooks

  7. Language – used to store language files for applications that use more than one language

  8. Libraries – used to store custom created libraries

  9. Logs – application log files are kept in this directory

  10. Models - all application models should be defined in this directory

  11. Third party – this is used for custom many packages that you or other developers have created.

  12.  Views – application views go into this directory


  • System - Let's now look at system subdirectories. Remember this is where the framework source code resides. Therefore, don't make any changes to the files in this directory.
  1. core – this is like the heart of the framework. All of the core file that makes up the framework are located in here. If you would like to extend the functionality of the core file then you need to create a custom core file in the application directory. After that, you can override or add a new behavior that you wish. You should never make changes directly in here. 

  2. database – database drivers, cache and other files need for database operations are provided in here.

  3. fonts – as the name suggests, this directory contains fonts and information relating to fonts

  4. helpers – this directory contains helper functions that come out of the box

  5. language – contains language files that are used by the framework

  6. libraries – contains the source files for the various libraries that come with CodeIgniter out of the box.


  • User_guide

 It contain all source information 

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